Role: UI Artist
Contract Length: 2 Months
Platform: PC & Mobile
Tools: Unity 3d, Photoshop

Details: StarSmashers is a sci-fi turn based action game. I was a contracted for a brief period of time to lend a hand on the UI before moving onto another project by the same client.
◆ Liaising with designers and project manager providing mock ups and flow diagrams that iterated on existing game UI.
◆ Providing and updating a UI design document defining areas for game enhancements, inconsistencies and a list of visual information that needed to be communicated.
◆ Creating iconography, defining animation feel of button states and screen transitions.
◆ Provided team with a specification on how to stylise existing character portraits while providing a collection of examples.
◆ Provided iconography ideas for company and mocked up how they would look on t-shirts for events.

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