Role: Artist
Contract Length: 4 Months
Platform: PC, Mobile
Tools: Photoshop, Unity 3d

Details: I was contracted as an Artist for Rule The World for about 4 months before being moved onto another project by the same client. It's a tile based world domination / card game drawn entirely onto a chalk board. It pulls gameplay elements from Civilisation and Hearthstone. When I was moved from StarSmashers onto the Rule The World project there was a sole programmer working on the prototype. It was my responsibility to skin the entirety of that prototype while collaborating closely with the programmer to hook up animation states and implementing / enhancing features.

◆ Replace all placeholder graphics with new assets that fit a consistent cohesive style.
◆ Re-animate all placeholder animations to feel as though chalk was being drawn in by hand.
◆ Reduced visual noise on screen by taking elements of the prototype and simplifying, merging, cutting or to appear only when relevant.
◆ Designed a handful of company icon ideas for the client to choose from.

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