Company: Firelight Games
Role: Designer
Contract Length: 2 years
Platforms: iOS & Android
Tools: Photoshop, Unity 3D

Details: Into Light is a text-based puzzle game that takes place within a cave system. It revolves around the idea of using text as both gameplay mechanics and narrative progression. The game was built entirely out of 2d textures layered in 3d space down the z axis. All of the content in Into Light is hand crafted and carefully positioned. Into Light was featured on the App Store front page, 141 countries in the "Best New Games" category.

Responsible for:
Designing cave system based levels using customs tools that reflected the narrative with as striking compositions as possible.
Prototyping and iterating gameplay mechanics that revolved around text and perspective.
Animating the feel of the camera, directing player line of sight towards the placement of important information.
Animating believable character animations in a puppet theatre esque style.
Lighting scenes with good a range of values whilst retaining a clear visual hierarchy on interactive game pieces.
Creating a clean consistent UI that complimented the general tone of the game.
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