I’m an award-winning Games Artist and Designer, living & working in Ipswich, UK. I have a First Class BA(Hons) Degree in Games Design from University of Suffolk. Recently, I have been able to commit to full time independent development on a passion project titled Ruya.

My work has been featured on and I have participate in over 20 games jams including: Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam, Indie Speed Run and Game Hack.


Casual Connect Asia – Official Selection 2017
Tranzfuser Programme – UK Games Talent Finalist 2016
Best 3D Art Finalist – Indie Speed Run (nov) 2015
UCS Global Games Jam 2015 – Best Game (jan) 2015
The Walking Dead Game Jam – Grand Prize Winner (nov) 2013
TIGA Game Hack – 3rd Best Mobile Game (feb) 2013
UCS Global Games Jam 2012 – Best Overall Game (jan) 2012


Put Your Heart & Soul Into Your Work – University of Suffolk (mar) 2017
How Jamming Got Me Into The Industry – University of Suffolk, Global Game Jam (jan) 2017


My background is in experimental freeware Flash games but now build in Unity 3d. I’m a skateboarder, and a hardcore / metal and punk music fan. I attend lots of illustration fairs, and watch plenty of stand up comedy for a giggle. Games I like, Passage (Rohrer), Pathways (Cavanagh), The Binding of Isaac, Journey, Monument Valley.

 I hope you enjoy my work.
Please email me for collaborations.